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Sound Effects

Whenever it came to sound effects it was my job to source out all the sound whether it been from Youtube, or All these sources are permitted as long as none of the clips exceed 30 seconds as after that point it becomes copyright infringement. I had to source sounds like the background tune which would play throughout the whole animation after letting the group hear a few the sound we settled on was a track called Les Pepees De Paris. The original tune we had considered was pure imagination.

All the other sound effects were for example a kettle whistling to represent anger, a bong or jump noise to go with the cupcake jumping. Another part of the animation that was vital when it came to sound was when the cupcake is jumping from the oven towards the baker as this scene is slowed to show flight almost we thought that the superman theme tune would suit it perfect.

The sound editing was done using garageband and alternative sounds were sourced from the internet and dragged into gargeband and then timed to the animation as exporting as an mp3 ready to be added to the animation in after effects.

At a later stage in the project Mike provided us with a massive SFX file and all other different sound files that I was able to get a bubble effect from for the final movie.

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 13.55.14 Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 09.21.24


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