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Scene Six – The Jump

In this scene after the cupcake has mutated he jumps from the oven towards the baker but fails in his attempt and lands in the mixing bowl. In this scene about a quarter of the way through you will notice in this video that there is a stage were the camera goes brown because me with my expert camera skills pulled the camera through one of the cupcakes on the shelf and it trolls the scene. There are also eyes shown in the oven and throughout the scene as I imported the pupils twice and only parented one set to the cupcake so you can see the others just floating around the scene being annoying.

A fix to all this was pulling the tiff files into photoshop and painting out the floating eyes frame by frame and for the frame that went brown I simply deleted it out of the batch.

In this scene me and Maelys animated the jump however I needed help with how to even start animating this cupcake as Maelys had rigged it so she was familiar with it. After some valued guidance this is what we came up with.


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