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Piecing The Puzzle… After Effects

Whenever it came to putting the animation together it was my task so the software advised to us was After effects.  At the start I had attempted to bring in the rendered video clips of each scene into after effects to put them together and render the final video from there. It soon came to light that when using video files the render time jumped immensely so it would be better to use the tiff sequences which is what I went on to do.

After pulling in each of the tiff sequences I was able to stretch out some scenes in the animation in order to get the animation to 360 frames exactly. After I had the 360 frames and had everything placed so there were no dodgy transitions I was able to render out the final video.

It took many attempts to get the final video after having to edit scenes re render them replace the sequence in after effects re render it again then add the sound to the video again we finally got there.

I figured out the problem as to why our animation did not match up to 360 frames exactly it was due to the fact that when I had pulled the tiff sequences into after effects I changed the composition settings to 24 fps however I did not change each tiff sequence from 30 fps to 24 fps. I eventually fixed this for the final render and it was done by right clicking pressing interpret footage , main and then changing the fps for rendering the first version of the video I did not know this.

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 13.21.20 Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 13.21.33


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