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The Story

As of yet we only have a general idea of what will be going on in each of the images we do not know the complete story down to every detail that will be in the images yet but this will be decided.  From what I can see so far it will be something along the lines of:

  1. Toht will start of as a sperm and we will have some sort of sperm concentration camp maybe the battle for life perhaps?
  2. Toht will then grow into a baby and may be featured in a nursery or hospital sort of scene.
  3. Toht grows into a bow and is in a playground possibly with his future wife.
  4. He will then be drafted into the military by one of them your country needs you posters.
  5. Toht will become a war hero and will maybe be portrayed a little like Rambo.
  6. Toht becomes Hitler’s right hand man and is seen at his side.
  7. Possible Volkswagen mock featured on Toht’s hand in place of the scar the head piece of Ra left behind.
  8. Toht is sucked into the Ark.
  9. The ghost of Toht coms out of the Ark again and makes a joke not to go near the Ark.
  10. Toht returns to his wife.
  11. Toht’s wife dies .
  12. This is a surprise…..

Bare in mind this story we are going to work out as a team and it has a little bit more work to go into it in order to get it cooler than it already is…


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