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A little bit of information on Volkswagen to show how this is relevant to Toht’s journey:

  • Toht is German as is Volkswagen
  • The film ends with Toht dying but if he was to be reborn what would he do?
  • The film is set in 1936 and Volkswagen started up in 1937 coincidence anyone, this was meant to be what if Toht the crazy Nazi agent was the brains behind Volkswagen.
  • Even if Toht didn’t start up Volkswagen what if he was used in the endorsements.
  • Imagine Toht saying sounds just like a golf who needs the Darth fader kid when we have Toht.
  • The salute he gives in the film Raiders of the lost ark gives me a prefect circle shape to put the Volkswagen logo in see this was meant to be..

VW logo


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