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Toht Artwork

There seems to be more and more concepts of Toht usually melting but there are some really interesting pieces and ideas such as Toht’s face melting but instead of in a gruesome way his face is a melting ice cream. This piece was designed by Ron E. Tott and captures a totally different approach to Toht. It intrigues me as it is something I would have never thought of even though it is quite an obvious alternative. One of the ideas I had thought of was what if Toht was a candle melting as whatever materials they have used to make Toht appear as if he is melting in the film reminds me of wax, which it probably was but yea imagine Toht as a candle burning out which is much like is happening to him as he is dying in the end.

The next piece of work below is just an example of different ways to design Toht this piece was designed by Robert Ball and is pretty fab.




Fifty Baddies - Poor old Toht


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