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Character Archetypes – Raiders Of The Lost Ark

After reading the section of Christopher Vogler’s The writers Journey it covered The Heroes Journey as well as Character Archetypes. I then removed the plot that was on the wipe board it was well photographed beforehand though and I started to identify the character archetypes within Indiana Jones:  Raiders Of The Lost Ark. I identified the archetypes in the same characters that I identified the Heroes Journey for and started to see some interesting patterns in the masks the characters wore at different stages of the film. I will go over a re edit of the Archetypes to make sure theres nothing Ive missed.

Evernote Snapshot 20130221 162715 Evernote Snapshot 20130221 162725 Evernote Snapshot 20130221 162730 Evernote Snapshot 20130221 162740


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