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Brainstorm on The Graphic Artifact

After our little lecture today we headed back into the studio and were switched about so that we could brainstorm with other teams in order to get the ideas flying about. Due to numbers we ended up with Conaan in our team to try and get things moving we came up with a few good ideas such as:

  • A silhouette theme, where a silhouette of Toht would be made and interpreted into every poster we make so it would be marking the posters with a little bit of interactivity as they need to be placed in a particular way to make another image other than the content already on the posters. Kind of like a puzzle but with posters… Hmmm a puzzle we could make one of those..
  • There is a scene when Toht salutes and it shows the scar on his hand from the headpiece of Ra. We could replace this scar with something else such as a logo or image.
  • If we decided to think about what happens to Toht after raiders of the lost Ark such as if he is reborn what does he do next, This is when we got to thinking this film was set in 1936 and Volkswagen started of in 1937 so what if Toht’s salute was to contain the Volkswagen logo. As strange of an idea as this is the Volkswagen logo is universal and is quite funny in the setting of a german Nazi.
  • We could make Volkswagen endorsement posters with Toht as the star being german just as Volkswagen is this creates quite a nice theme. Picture the ad for volkswagen sounds just like a golf imagine if that was Toht doing that. Volkswagen already used a miniature Darth Fader so why is a german Nazi shocking ,eh?
  • We could also use the style of the game limbo to create a background and linear theme of each poster.
  • The plan so far is to make a poster or a series of posters to create a graphic book or storyboard but i’m not quite sure of what idea were going to use yet.

Evernote Snapshot 20130221 144301Evernote Snapshot 20130221 144307Evernote Snapshot 20130221 144312 Evernote Snapshot 20130221 144319



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