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Hi i’m Toht!

I thought it would be useful if I looked into Toht a little more and got to know the character as such just to get to grasps with what we have to deal with.

  • Full name : Arnold Ernst Toht
  • Apparently had a sister called IIsa
  • Nazi – Gestapo or Spy.
  • The reason why he was on the same plane as Indy to Nepal was because he was sent by the Third Reich Special Antiquities Collection to get the headpiece of Ra from Marion Ravenwood.
  • Hitler wanted the Ark, He who is in possession of the Ark shall have an invincible army.
  • Otto was his partner in crime and looks a little like Toht without glasses and with a moustache.
  • When Toht arrived in Nepal they hired 3 mercenaries in order to obtain the Headpiece of Ra from Marion.
  • These mercenaries were called Mean Mongolian, Ratty Nepalese and Giant Sherpa and all gave their lives in pursuit of helping Toht.
  • Toht is the one who attempts to torture Marion as she refuses to sell the Headpiece, she makes the mistake of revealing that she is still in possession of the Headpiece.
  • Toht burned his hand on the Headpiece and the burn acted as a copy of the headpiece it was when he returned to Cairo that he saluted and the scar was noticed.
  • When Marion is held captive at the dig site, Belloq’s failed attempts to interrogate her annoyed Toht and Colonel Dietrich so they had to step in and still didn’t get a result.
  • Marion is thrown into the pit of snakes with Indy and when Belloq argues againts the idea Toht begins to laugh at him proving the sadistic claims.
  • Toht accompanies the Ark to a safer place and when Jones steals it back , Toht does one better and steals the Ark and Marion.
  • When the Ark is opened to reveal sand and dirt Toht finds this amusing that there was all of this fuss over nothing.
  • Toht was not superstitious, he himself did not believe that the Ark possessed any power.
  • In the midst of the Ark being opened when Toht is applying the if I didn’t laugh I would cry persona, his laugh is quickly changed to a scream when the Ark melts him.
  • Whilst Toht is melting the main scope is of his face and this is quite a famous image.

More about Toht and his personal features:

  • Wears a black coat all the time very goth like as well as his black suit.
  • Sadistic
  • Quiet and comes across as over excitable when he talks
  • He wears glasses and a black hat
  • His religion was the “Aryan Society”

“Toht believed that “pure” Germans were a race of superbeings and that their supposed racial and political purity gave the Nazis the right to destroy any threat to their supremacy”

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