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Brainstorm – Graphic Artifact & Alternative Character

After an interesting turn of events in todays lecture Conaan really did throw a box of spiders into the room but for some reason I seem happier with it. Each team was assigned a leader that will present a pitch individually however the team will be helping the leader on this task. Having a leader in a group is kind of a good thing although theres pros and cons to the whole trying to get along with people at the same time as getting them to do work on top of doing your own work from what I can see its a tough job. We then wen’t on to have our brainstorm in order to get our asses in gear and it seems to work i’m not feeling so much under water anymore for the meantime anyway. Here is a few images of our brainstorm….

Photo 14-02-2013 13 23 57 Photo 14-02-2013 13 24 10

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