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The Plot – Raiders of the Lost Ark

The plot of Raiders of the Lost Ark is there is an adventurer and archeologist who goes exploring with his team. One of the members of his team goes rogue and is disarmed by Indiana. The 2 member team continues ahead to the cave they are going to explore where they retrieve an idol, in which his other companion goes rogue and leaves him for dead. Jones lives and finds karma took effect and he flees the scene with idol in hand.

Another turn of events unravels when Jones is confronted by his nemesis Rene Belloq and the native tribe “Hovitos”  Jones flees the encounter and is saved by his friend Jock after having his idol confiscated.

Back home in the states Jones is an archaeology professor and is gutted he lost the idol, he is then contacted by the museum curator Marcus Brody who informs him there is a higher order that want to talk to him which is the Army. The Army discuss the issue that the Nazi’s have been digging in the Egyptian desert and have found the lost city of “Tanis” where the Ark Of the Covenant is apparently buried which contains the 10 commandments written by Moses on stone tablets. The Ark is said to have magical power.

Jones arrives in Nepal to find his old girlfriend and is being tracked by Toht a Nazi spy. He is in search of his ex because she has or knows of the headpiece of the staff of Ra that will tell Jones exactly where the Ark is. Jones hires Marion.

The spy Toht takes Marion hostage and he wants the headpiece of the staff of Ra for himself. Jones bursts in saves the day and Toht takes off. Marion and Jones then fly to Egypt to see Sallah who works for the Nazi’s but tells Jones what he needs to know.

Jones and Marion are ambushed again by the Nazi’s and Marion is taken hostage again. He goes after Marion after the usual gun/sword /whip fight and he drinks because he has lost Marion.  Whilst doing this he is dragged into a meeting with Belloq who gloats about finding the ark.  But it turns out the Arabs that are present are US marines and they save Jones’s ass.

Indiana and Sallah go to see the shaman who can read the headpiece of Ra but Belloq and his sidekick Colonel Dietrich have beat them to it and have their own copy. Due to the copy being a bad one Belloq and his crew end up in the wrong place which stalls them abit. The correct place is the well of souls.

Jones makes it to the place where the Nazi’s have been digging (Mammoth site) and there he finds Marion who is alive. Sallah and Jones return later that day and find the Well of souls and breach it and find the Ark, which is then confiscated by Colonel Dietrich.

Belloq realises his mistake and returns to the Mammoth site Jones becomes trapped and Marion and him are left for dead. Marion and Jones then escape to find a plane but have to endure another fight in order to get it however the plane explodes with all the fighting, they escape anyway.

The Ark is sent to Cairo via truck and Sallah lets Jones in on this information. Indiana then seizes the truck from them and board a ship in order to return to the U.S. Events turn for the worse and a submarine captures the ship and the Nazi’s take the Ark back, Marion is also taken hostage again Jones escapes and the Nazi’s are headed for a mountain.

Jones follows the natures and his captured due to not carrying out his threat of blowing everybody including the ark up if Marion is not freed. Jone and Marion both hostage have to watch the ark being opened but as it turns out it was but sand and remains. However the power of the ark releases spirits that attack all of the Nazi’s, Marion and Jones are immune as they know about an ancient code that says if they close there eyes they live. The spirits return to the Ark and it is seen closed up again.

Adventure over Marion and Jones return home and Marcus and Jones then start arguing with the Army as the ark is in their possession and they don’t know what their dealing with but it is sealed away forever.

The End..


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