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Phil Campbell – Totems

The one and only Phil Campbell was in this very room talking to us about how he does the work he does and one of the main things that he talked about that will be relevant to this project is he talked about totems. Totems are designed in order to map out the the journey of the character within a story. These totems literally go up in the path of the journey. The totems tell what the story is about and have drawings used for inspiration.

Phil Campbell said and I quote:

“This ‘totem’ were designed to try to visually represent Bond’s actual journey up the cliff face, so all the interesting waypoints (Bond Moments) are given a kind of spatial representation and placed in the context of the physical form of the cliff. Drawings designed give a feel for what the mission might be about, drawings to stand around and look at, and hopefully to inspire. Hence ‘Totem’…”

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 12.06.54


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