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The Plan

After countless attempts of trying to come up with an idea from the viral concept to the prezi decision game to roulette tables we have finally decided on a card game aimed at kids were they can use the cards to interact online. There will be 13 cards based on the humans point of view of the game and there will be 13 cards based on the Aliens point of view, so in a way the player can chose what character they want to be. The cards will have information about the Aliens/Humans and other aspects of the world and will have tasks and challenge included on them some will be bonus luck cards and others will have a negative effect on the gameplay.

When a deck of these cards or a selection of these cards have been purchased the player can then go online via website or QR code and they will be a roulette table in the style of the language wheel that we inherited from the previous project. The wheel will be designed more like a wheel of fortune as after all this game is aimed at the target audience of children and we wouldn’t want to encourage gambling.

Each card will have a code the player will then enter this online to gain entry to an interactive world on the website, The interactive world will have an arena were the players can use the codes on their cards to battle. The cards will also have impact of regions of the site the player is allowed access to such as the womb chamber. The player will also have cards that prove to be useful items in the arena or in other aspects of events happening.

The cards will be styled so that the Alien cards are green and the Human cards are black in order to seperate each genre as such.

The cards in turn build up to a story than can be perceived based on the order the player uses the cards, The roulette wheel will act as a portal for access to the interactive world.

The images below are examples of the ideas, the cards they will look nothing like this but this is the story broken down into a manageable and hopefully fun game, with content on the face and rear of the card, Rachel has done research from a younger sibling pretty much asking what kids want in a game like this so today will be discussing the ideas I have for the cards and incorporating what the kids wan’t into them.

Photo 04-12-2012 19 09 16 Photo 04-12-2012 19 09 35 Photo 04-12-2012 19 19 03 Photo 04-12-2012 21 04 25


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