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Roulette Wheel – Wheel Of Fortune Concepts

This is going to be the portal for access into the arena so I’m going to have a go on Photoshop and see what I can come up with the wheel will spin and land on a card, the cards will be labelled A-Z and so will the wheel so when the wheel lands on that card the player can then enter the code on their card to gain access to the website/Interactive world. The wheel will act as a process of taking turns as such it keeps the interest going and doesn’t instantly let the user start playing until they spin and land on their cards, it also makes the game more challenging and the order the wheel spins on will dictate the story.

Thinking of how when the wheel spins it will dictate the story this concept could be easily to changed to the wheel will just be used as a way to enter the codes but still have fun even though the wheel will land on set locations so that the cards are used in order the player will not know this the first time they play the game but this could make the game less fun the complete game second time around if they know were the wheel will land, but as the game progresses over time more cards could be introduced etc. to keep it interesting.

Below is an image from the previous project that introduced typography and new alien alphabet which we could use to label our cards as long as we had some means to translated the alien language available to the players. This wheel is were we will get our colour scheme from as well as our inspiration.



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