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Interview .. What do kids want in a game like this?

Rachel answered this question by going and interviewing younger siblings to see what kind of things and features they would look for in a game like this. This was to ensure we were heading in the right direction and that we are doing everything we possibly can to make the target audience want to play this game in a way they are going to enjoy it..

Rachel found that the main points of interest for kids were:

  • Being able to talk to friends
  • Playing mini games
  • Colours
  • Walk around map
  • Pets/Companions
  • Being able to customise companions and characters
  • Gold eggs
  • Being able to keep track of their character while not at a computer.

The aspects that parents worried about were:

  • Who their children were talking to 
  • Could an App be made so that parents could monitor the social interaction via their phones.

I then had to look at what features like this I had already incorporated into the game and what features I would need and as far as I can see we have done them all or a version of them all for example:

  • We have make it possible to talk to friends online – But thought about a set selection of things that the player could choose to say so that there is no funny business. 
  • Mini games – The roulette or wheel in itself it a mini game to find out what cards to use next, also the language wheel/roulette could be used to translate the alien language manually.
  • Colours –  We are sticking with the colour scheme of the previous projects which is green and black as it is the colours of the cards we will use it throughout the website as well. If brighter colours needed to be included this is always possible.
  • Walk around map –  The map is a click around map at the moment but it could be that the player can walk around the map to navigate through the game.
  • Pets/Companions  – We have included the companions aspect into the game and the player can have a companion in the arena with them to help them out at certain times depending on their cards of course.
  • Customising – For the likes of customising it we could have it that when the player is hatching their companion in the womb chamber we could make it possible for them to customise their companion. As far as I know there is no plans for character customisation yet and that is just decided by what cards the player buys.
  • Gold egg –  Were going to have gold eggs instead of creepy alien looking ones this is because gold eggs are awesome and everybody loves them.
  • Being able to track what the character is up to from a mobile device hasn’t been talked about yet but we will be sure to look into it.



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