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Hybrid Alien (Cheat card)

If a player is lucky enough to come across this card there get a hybrid alien that will boss the entire world from day one, but as it spoils the game making it to easy it can be used as a cheat card its pretty much the joker of the deck it doesn’t have to be used.  The image on this card will show a scary looking alien that appears much stronger than any other, the rear of the card tells the user to find out more online about the hybrid alien were they will then be informed that it is a cheat card. Cheat cards will not allow the player to be featured on the leader board as well they are cheating simple as.  As this card is a special card it could perhaps be identified in the design as a shiny card or have gold edges etc…

Front of card content        Rear of card content

Photo 05-12-2012 08 42 16  Photo 05-12-2012 08 42 23


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