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Hitting a wall is shit so i’m going to have a blog brain storm to try and determine what is going on here and maybe by the end of it I may find my feet but I’m not counting on it all motivation and drive has died for this project I want to do well but can’t think of how I’m even going to start this.. So this is what i’ve got so far for the ideas sort of thing:

  • Incorporate the story into an alien like version of monopoly using the typography in the project to create a currency. 
  • Using QR codes to either let the audience get the presentation we may make on Prezi on their phones so they can play along too.
  • Using QR codes to take the user to the twitter page of whatsthehybrid.
  • Have the twitter page include little drip feeds of the story through text or images to try and get people to talk about the hybrid story.
  • Use hash tags to get people going online and looking up the hash tag to try and find out the story.
  • Using QR codes and hash tags or stickers to create a breadcrumbs trial for people to try and figure out the story.
  • Create an interactive animation telling the story
  • Use Prezi to tell the story and have the audience when presenting direct the way through the story much like a game the story will be told by the way the person makes decisions.
  • Make a website to tell a story using images and rollover images showing previews of what may happen if you select that image.

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