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The Story

After a meeting Andrew I have got the gist of the story which he acquired of Michael, Basically here goes it…

100,000 years ago in a forest like planet lives an Alien race much like Predator, These Aliens see through heat senses and are A-Sexual and breed by vomiting up egg sacs and they hatch. Originally it was thought that the eggs would just lye on the ground but then Andrew had made an adaption of a womb chamber and had said would if they hatched in the womb chamber and they had a specific place to grow. These Aliens would raise there body heat in order to become more aggressive and would fight in arenas for sport and entertainment. The Aliens lived in these black marble like columns and it was an entire colony of aliens that lived together. The Aliens then find a relic and it is used as an energy source for their buildings and used to make armour and weapons etc. This energy source has been tampered with so much that it explodes and wipes out the life on the planet and years later scientists pick up the frequency of the explosion or something like that and travel out to space to figure out what happened and the relic makes them turn against each other.

Further adaptions of this story include that there were rock creatures that moved very slow so slow that a human or aliens lifetime could pass by in the time it takes these rock creatures to move one step.

More changes that were included were when the Aliens were fighting whoever won that fight would be crystallised and classed as a hero as such and when the planet was in a time of the need this hero would be uncrystallised. These crystal warriors would be kept in chambers and they awaken when the explosion happens, the planet is now a wasteland so this warrior alien decides to try and repopulate the world by hatching an egg in the womb chamber because of the radiation of the explosion the egg mutates and creates a hybrid alien. This hybrid alien is threatened by the old alien warrior and he kills him and takes over the planet as such. The humans arrive to witness the aftermath of this new gen aliens rein. The humans would then explore the world and possibly find the womb chamber and the plaque of the were the hero alien that was crystallised once lay.

This image is another adaption of what the humans saw when they arrived on the planet, I found this image on the iMac i’m using so credit goes to whoever this belongs to.


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