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New Team, New Project – Interactivity

The end of project five has closed in and now i’m onto project 6 with a totally new team i’ve never worked with before which is great. The only shit part was being selected for teams as it was like the most popular girls in the school were picking people for the netball team and I was always the fat kid left to last… Horrible its always a little degrading you don’t know if there not picking you because your lack of skills or if its because they don’t like you. I have been saved and put into a team near the end as expected… Now to get chopped on to the project we must trace back to the start of the project we are now on and interview everybody that has ever worked on it we then need to get to the know the project and figure out how we can show it being interactive i.e in a video or animation or we can actually make it interactive. Im hoping theres not too many high expectations on me as i’m fresh out of IMD. This will be the last project of semester one 😦


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