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The aim of this project is to add interactivity to this project or show how we could make it interactive in a movie or animation, but what I was thinking is wouldn’t it be great if we could actually make this world interactive but i’m thinking of how we could actually do this could it be an animation that requires clicking interactions to browse through the program or a game perhaps but how to do this i’m not too sure. Another option could be a website which I can sort of do to an extent, or an App.

Thinking alternatively of how we could show this being interactive but not actually incorporating it we could make an animation or a movie or even a storyboard talking about interaction and how the story could feature transitions could be classed as interactive.

Ways of incorporating interactivity and thinking about what the target audience would be for example how do people interact with things like programs or websites (Age group varies on style on interactivity, Universal recognition) etc. Scrolls, transitions, clicks, swipes, touch and voice recognition or even movement recognition. I want to really nail this project on the head and make something thats gonna kick of the end of the semester lets hope things go to plan.


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