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The Team Storyboard

After the team had went off and came up with more or less the same story but 4 different perspectives of it we got a big sheet of paper and added post – its to it in order to see how we could piece together out ideas some of the post – its/cards were images the others were just text. We now had a general storyboard so we all had to go off and draw out neatly around 5 post – its/cards each once that had been done we placed them together and came up with this.

The story here is the Astronauts come in search of a new planet they crash land on this planet and are all knocked out when they awake they start exploring around what is left of their shuttle. They then start to explore the world and find Pip and get distracted by him. The astronauts then hear something and turn around and one of them is sweating with fear he then runs and is chased by a bird/dinosaur like creature, as they are being chased they come across a jungle and run through it. as they are running through the jungle they lose their hunter and come across a cliff edge. The astronauts are then lifted by this bird like creature and dropped upon lower ground in this cliff like terrain with these rock pillars. A rock golem then appears and chases the astronauts which then climb a tree in order to get away from it. The Astronauts then have a moment of relief and are then eaten by a giant turtle. There is then a zoom out of the planet and you can see the planets of giant turtles … The End.



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