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The Storyboards – Happy Turtle

I suggested to the group that we all go off and create our own storyboards and then come back with the 4 of them and combine them together taking not the best drawings but the stills with the best feeling for the story. The group went of and done this. The first storyboard I made led to a video called the Happy Turtle this is more of a funny take to the project. This was done reasonably quickly and it was just to get my ideas down in a non text format.

The storyline to this storyboard is there are astronauts sent out to find another planet suitable for life before earth is completely destroyed so it shows an astronaut in one of the shuttles and shows he can see the planet from the shuttle. It then goes on to show the planet and the space shuttles coming in for landing. The space shuttle lands and the astronauts get out to explore. Whilst exploring the astronauts do not realise the giant mass on the planet is a giant turtle because he’s just that big. The astronauts run away from the turtle which doesn’t need to move fast but a single step from the turtle is like the astronauts running a mile. The astronauts then climb up a tree and hide but an even bigger turtle shows up and eats them and is then one happy turtle… The End.



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