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Storyboards – Astronaut & The Giant Turtle

After creating the first storyboard I decided to make another one for giggles, This one is more or less the same kind of storyline but it is slightly more detailed than the previous one, Welcome to Astronaut & The Giant Turtle.

Basically the scene opens with the shuttle and you can see the planet through the window of the shuttle, this story only features the one astronaut. The audience is then presented with the shuttle approaching the planet however as you may notice the shuttle is abit too big. The shuttle then enters the planets atmosphere for landing and lands smoothly, After the shuttle has landed the astronaut begins the exit the shuttle to have a look around.  As the astronaut is looking around he sees the entrance to a jungle and begins to enter having a look as he moves through the jungle. The Astronaut then finds an interesting piece of fruit hanging of a tree and is distracted little does he know there is a large bird creature behind him that sees the astronaut as a tasty treat.  The bird is then revealed and you can see the astronaut sweating due to fear and shock, the astronaut then runs away and is chased through the jungle. The astronaut then comes to a turn in the road and has to go right as the path ahead is blocked by lava from a earlier erupted volcano. As the astronauts keeps running he does not notice the large turtle in from of him as he is so distracted by what is behind him he sees the turtle last minute and tries to stop, but before he knows it the turtle is munching him up for diner. The bird creature then catches up and is disappointed as the turtle has just eaten his treat.. The turtle then licks his lips… If he even has any but what do I know about turtles. The story then ends….



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