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The ideas – The links to a story

After working on the brainstorm we came together and thought of more ideas and ways that we could make a story out of what we have the next stage is to start doing a mini storyboard and doing drawings for the environment and the creatures of the world etc.

We all have an idea of the story basically it is the general idea that

  • Humans are looking for a new planet to live on they come across this planet
  • They may or may not crash land
  • They explore for abit
  • Whilst exploring the humans find a distraction a plant, an animal etc.
  • The humans are then chased by an evil creature the bird, golem etc.
  • The humans are that occupied trying to get away from the creature that they do not see the large turtle and get eaten by him.
  • They may or may not try to hide from the turtle
  • The audience is then shown the overview of the world.


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