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More Research

This is just a few more aspects of the project I wanted to look into, just to see what I could find I also found images on astronauts as they are a major part of the world. I thought id include an image of an astronaut playing a banjo but then it hit me if you look closely at the image why is his banjo cause not floating away?… no gravity must be over rated these days. The beanstock reminded me of the plants in the project world and there was a drawing with a turtle with a city (world) on his back so for some reason that reminded me of snowglobes so I included pictures of city’s in a snowglobe and a very clever image of someone playing with composition to make it look like a real city is in the snow globe when really an empty snowglobe is just placed at a cool angle. It sort of like when people take pictures of them pushing the leaning tower of Pisa back upright or holding the eiffel tower between their finger and thumb. I would like to get away from the stereotypical green bean stock and ive discovered colour isn’t really a hit in space. Well thats gonna change. 







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