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A world in a window

One thing I never thought of was stained glass and it was only when I began to look into shapes I seen an image that someone has made out of shapes but it could be made into a world if were on a bigger scale. This idea is great because light and perspective come into play with were the shapes are placed and the colour selection of the shapes. 



Here is a larger piece of stained glass and although it doesn’t really look like a world or environment it could just by looking at the colours and using blue for ocean/sky, green for grass etc it could be easily done. 



Although this image is small this piece of stained glass is featured in Hyde bus station and features aspects of the place Hyde in it in a way these guys have created there own town (world) in stained glass, This idea is epic if only we could actually create our interpretation of the world in stained glass for this project but lack of time and materials and knowledge sucks, maybe next time. 



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